March 10, 2012

Welcome to our Forest Hill Village BIA website! Here is the information you will need to update and manage your Business listing.

Your Listing is here:

The place to login is here (you can also get here by clicking the B2B link at the top right of the site):

Your magic words to get in are:




You will find some instructions once you have logged in. You can also go here to view them.

To change your password simply click on the My Profile link at the top of the page once you have logged in.

As you will see, we are using the Bridgelin Platform which is used by a number of BIAs, Chambers of Commerce and other organizations across the province. If you have any trouble send them an email at

You can also create a support ticket once you have logged in.




Yvonne Bambrick
Coordinator, Forest Hill Village BIA

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