January 5, 2018

I hope you have had a very enjoyable holiday and that 2018 has gotten off to a good start.

We have had a break from our weekly meetings.  It will be good to gather again to connect the community.

If there is something new with you please let me know

If you have invited someone new please have them email me.

There has been a need for Connecting the Community to incorporate.  The regular meetings will not change but there have been costs incurred.  Hence, I am asking that the weekly donation be increased to a minimum of $4.  The donatiions collected will be used to pay for these costs and then the remaining will be given to Hill House Hospice.  More to come about the aspirations of CTC!

Also, please remember to buy your coffee or tea from Byron.  There needs to be enough collected to pay his wage +.

There are some things happening in Town this weekend.  Click here for the list.

I did venture to the Mill Pond this morning to see if the signs were down saying was unsafe.  I believe it is now unsafe because it is too cold! Hopefully the temperature goes up a bit and the winds die down!

Stay warm!


Marj Andre
Community Connector
416 822-5139

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