January 5, 2018

I wanted to make sure you knew about The Krasman Centre. It is on Yonge just north of Major Mackenzie Drive, on the east side. It’s been there for about 20 years.

Many of us have not noticed it nor know what it is.

It is a drop-in centre for those with mental health issues, their families and friends. Many programs and services are offered here.

It is barrier free and label free. There is no cumbersome, invasive intake process.

It is not a huge place. There are sofas, a large table, computer terminals, a minimal kitchen (microwave but not oven), washer and dryer, shower, a quieter back room, and some storage.

It is not the physical space that is so important.

It is the peer support from staff and volunteers. They have lived experience. They will listen and keep quiet when necessary. They don’t judge.

Interestingly, new research has shown “It’s not so much what peers provide that makes the difference, but who provides it and how.“

There is a 24 Hour Warm Line and Peer Crisis Support Service  1-888-777-0979

Filling out paperwork and navigating the system is another thing they are good at.

Computer access and training is important.

Here’s a partial list of the programs and services offered by the staff at Krassman or associated organizations:
• Employment support
• Women’s Positive Body Image Group
• Art of Recovery
• Therapy Dog
• Meditation & Mindfulness
• Wellness Group

Help will be found for what one may need at a vulnerable time in one’s life. It is a place to support one’s self-directed journey of recovery.

The Krasman Centre is named after Lance Krasman, one who suffered and helped. Click here for his story.

Yes, it is good our society is opening up the discussion of mental health and addictions. But more is needed. And the Krasman Centre could use more support.

They would gladly accept:
• Warm hats, mitts and new socks
• Personal care items (i.e. shampoo, deodorant)
• Towels
• Art supplies
• Journals/notebooks
• Prepared foods (i.e. instant soups, crackers)
• And of course, cash donations. Click here for their donation link.

Please contact them to arrange a time to drop off donations, or maybe talk to them about other donation ideas - 905 780-0491.

When you drive by, send good wishes. And spread the word to those in need.

Please see their web site. www.krasmancentre.com 

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