January 20, 2016

As a member of Connecting the Community, you are invited to enroll in and enjoy the benefits of Staples Copy & Print Business Discount Program. This membership offers a 20% discount on selected Copy & Print services. To view the selection, please visit their website at www.staplescopyandprint.ca

Enrollment is easy—simply send your email address and company or organization name to the General Manager.

For the Richmond Hill Staples store at Red Maple Road and Hwy 7, contact Nitesh Lal at: s155gm@busdep.com
For the Richmond Hill Elgin Mills Store at Leslie and Elgin Mills, contact Melanie Delicato at s330gm@busdep.com

You will be sent a card  that can be used at any Staples stores for their Copy & Print services.

Staples is more than just business supplies. They are your print partner, committed to providing you with high-quality products, services and solutions that will work best to promote and grow your brand.

Grow. Save. It’s easy! Staples has your solutions.

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