March 18, 2015

The third Connecting the Community Goes Out to Eat (CTC GOTE) will be at Georgy Porgy's, up in Oak Ridges.

This idea of CTC GOTE was initially for those who have been able to attend the Tuesday morning Connecting the Community meetings.  Many people wanted to find time to have better conversations.  Those that could not attend these sessions also wanted to come.  Hence, there is this open invitation to meet others.

Since these dinners are planned for the first Tuesday of the month the date will be April 7th.

  • Check out their venue and menu
  • Arrival time: 6:30 pm.
  • Walter Alvarez is the organizer. Please RSVP to
  • There will be individual bills
  • You are welcome to bring someone but don’t hesitate to come by yourself
  • We will record our experiences, in various formats -  sort of a restaurant review. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments (but not RSVPs!)



Here are some comments as to how our second CTC GOTE went:

Reviews from March 3rd, 2015 CTC GOTE at Mexican Amigos

Sharon F.
Mexican Amigos is a great place to celebrate a special occasion or for a nice evening out. You can feel like you traveled to Mexico without leaving Richmond Hill...
Favourite Foods – the chicken Quesadilla is delicious, the three tacos offer a variety if you want to try different tastes, the fajita is a very generous portion, the salad is huge and a healthy alternative. The refried beans are very authentic.
Drinks – A must see is the ‘bulldog drink’. It is a super huge margarita cocktail with a Corona beer inserted into the drink for good measure!
Desserts – We all scream for Deep fried ice-cream! The Churros (Spanish Doughnut) is very yummy and a must try.
Ambiance – Celebrate a Birthday or get your “Fiesta On” at Mexican Amigos.
The waiters will come out and sing “Happy Birthday” in Sombreros if requested – this is a sure fire way to embarrass any unsuspecting friends or family.
Check out the live Spanish music on Friday or Saturday evenings, it adds to the Mexican experience (the usual singer reminds me of a Mexican cowboy).
Habla Español ? Ask for Jorge or Kevin to practice your Spanish.
Hasta Luego Fellow Foodies!


Susan T.

Thank you Marj & Walter! I have had the pleasure of dining at Mexican Amigos twice before and this time was just as delicious. They truly have an authentic flair and the meals remind me of my trips down to Mexico. Great, friendly service with a nice atmosphere. Getting to hear the history from the owner made it an even more enjoyable night. His passion to have a 'good burrito' in Richmond Hill has us all experiencing a taste of Mexico - even in a snow storm! And of course, getting to know my CtC members a little better, more interesting tidbits tend to come out in a group conversation then in one on ones. I completed enjoyed myself and my meal!! I look forward to the next GOTE adventure but it will never take me away from the Tuesday mornings CtC!!!

Andre L.

CTC GOTE is a great compliment to our Tues morning CTC meeting. It allows people a chance to get to know each other better in a relaxed and less formal environment. Mexican amigos was a good selection. Looking forward to next location.

Renu D.

Thank you Marj and Walter for a lovely outing and a unique experience. Enjoyed every moment. This was the first time I met everyone but the atmosphere was relaxed, welcoming and getting to know so many people was great.
The food was delicious and getting to know the owner was a real personable touch. Look forward to the next one.


Mike S.

GOTE is a great idea and the experience was excellent both times. We are fortunate that we have had great service and great food in 2 restaurants. However, regardless of the quality of food and service, while Tuesday morning CtC meetings will always be a wonderful event and opportunity, GOTE provides an opportunity to become better acquainted with the same and new people by having longer conversations in a less formal setting. People seem to be more natural, and less “about business”. At both events I had the privilege of getting to know people I see every week for the past 2 years, yet I have learned things about them (personally and business) that I never knew before, often resulting me to have a greater respect and admiration for where they’ve come from, what they stand for, and/or what they’ve accomplished. GOTE compliments Tuesday morning CtC meetings very well, for meeting new people and getting to know them. It is also very interesting to learn about CtC spouses when they join us, and of course the owners of the restaurants and the history of their establishments.


Barb W.

Very tasty food, and they took very good care of us! The complimentary Tequila Sunrise shooters were a nice touch!


Peter D.
"We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The food and service were excellent and the company was superb. Marj and Walter, we thank you for arranging an outstanding experience and we look forward to the next one."



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