April 28, 2017

Good morning,

Yes, we will have our regular Tuesday morning meeting - same time, same place - 9 to 11, at RHCPA.

Please bring your business cards and promotional materials, and if you invite someone please have them contact me. And let me know if there's something new with you.

After deliberation and discussion with others four things  need to be highlighted to sustain our CTC meetings:
1) Buy coffee. There needs to be a good number of coffees bought Tuesday morning to cover Byron's wages, and the coffee.  Please really try to support this.

2) Do not bring signs highlighting a cause. 
The reasons for this are that it is not right for one cause to receive this extra attention.  If we all did this it would be a circus.  I believe that in doing so the message is sent that the cause you are promoting is more worthy than another.

3) Do not actively solicit for funds for your cause at the meeting. 
Connecting the Community is trying hard to raise funds for Hill House Hospice and for the team’s Big Bike ride.  I do not want people ‘hit up’ for donations for additional causes.  Occasionally there is something additional, i.e. Remembrance Day poppies.  There has been prior discussion with me.

4) Do no 'reply all' unless you have had a discussion with me.  I have received many complaints.  And I know it is much more effective to reach out to people individually.


I hope you enjoy the weekend! Click here to see what is happening in Town.


Marj Andre
Community Connector
416 822-5139

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