May 14, 2015

B3 / Big Local / The Richmond Hill Community Network

'Connecting the Community' Summit

You are invited to learn about plans to make Richmond Hill the first Big Local community in Ontario.

These plans are based in large part on the experience gained from the Connecting the Community activities of founder Marj Andre as well as The B3 Initiative developed by NaberNet/Bridgelin.

The meeting will present the Big Local vision followed by facilitated discussion.

Big Local is about giving Local the benefits of Big; to enable local businesses, local organizations and local economies to operate – and cooperate – with the efficiency of a Walmart or an Amazon, without sacrificing autonomy or identity.

The collaborative impact will be a more connected and prosperous Richmond Hill community and a blueprint for repeating the results in neighbourhoods, communities and cities across the province.

B3/Big Local/The Richmond Hill Community Network
'Connecting the Community' Summit
Wednesday May 27 10:00 am

Richmond Hill Public Library
1 Atkinson Place
West of Yonge on the south side of Major Mackenzie


Please confirm your attendance by reply email.

We look forward to seeing there.


Marj Andre,
Tony Bolla, Big Local/The B3 Initiative

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