June 5, 2015

After a busy weekend out in the community I will be looking forward to seeing the group Tuesday morning at the Theatre.

Yes, same time, same place.  Tuesday, June 9th, 9 am until 11 am, at RHCPA.

Please bring business cards and promotional materials for about 50.

Is there something that I should include in my introduction of you?  If so, please hand me a note before we begin.

In regards to this weekend, there is lots happening.  Please click here to review.
I would like to highlight the CosmoMusicFest tomorrow - 9 to 7 pm.  I was there at 9 am this morning setting up my tent and wow, there is a hub of activity.  If you at all like music, you need to go! Click here for all of the details, and there are lots of details!!

On Sunday, I will be at the info booth of the Mill Pond Splash.  I really believe that we must love nature to really want to protect it, and this is a good event for some nature appreciation. Click here for all of the details, and there are lots of details!!

And in less than 2 weeks the Connecting the Community Big Bike team will ride to raise funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.  Click here for more details.  Any support would be appreciated!

And we've planned another GOTE - Going Out to Eat - June 18th at Krystos.  Click here for all of the details. Hope you can join us!

If you have any free time this weekend, please consider telling those you know who live or work in Richmond Hill to sign up for the OnRichmondhill.com newsletters.  It is a great way to have a connected community.  Sign up is on the top left corner of the home page www.OnRichmondhill.com

Hope all is well!



Marj Andre
416 822-5139

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