August 4, 2017

I apologize for filling your inbox. it has been  brought to my attention that the email l sent to you earlier today may have been  incomprehensible.

It looked like this!!

I believe I chose a font that was not friendly to everybody!!

Again, I hope you enjoy the weekend. I'm already at the cottage and now ready to go jump in the lake!




I hope you enjoy this August Civic holiday long weekend.

l am asking a favour. I need you to get your friends and family who live in Richmond Hill to sign up for the newsletter.

I have tried other ways. I've made call outs on Facebook, I've stood in the mall, I've walked the streets! I've had messages in my newsletters. These are not effective.

What does work are specific requests from someone they trust.

So please send an email to those you know who live in Richmond Hill. This includes your spouse, mom, neighbours ....

Maybe copy and paste this:
"Hi there , I receive this very useful e-newsletter from that lists the events that are happening in Town. The person who puts it together is Marj André . I know her from the networking group Connecting the Community. She has asked me to send this email to you and direct you to the website . Sign up is on the home page. Thanks!"

So, this Tuesday, same time, same place. Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, 9 am to 11 am.

Please remember your business cards and promotional materials.

If you invite someone, which I encourage you to do, please have them email me.

Lots going on this weekend. Click here to find out.


Marj Andre
Community Connector
416 822-5139

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