August 19, 2015

This is a nudge to come join some other good people in our community at GOTE.

Thursday, August 20th
6:30 pm
The Host Fine Indian Cuisine


GOTE, a humorous acronym for “Going Out To Eat” is a monthly community dinner party that we host at various local restaurants. This program is brought to you by and Pixel Thought Media, a marketing and advertising company.

The goal of GOTE is to provide the local community with a fun and delicious way to meet up and strike up a conversation. Don’t think of GOTE as a networking event but rather as dinner with friends you haven’t made yet. We encourage our participants to have a good time, make connections, and develop relationships.

Cost: $30 inclusive (cash please) Cash bar available.
We have a separate room and our own buffet.

You are welcome to bring someone but don’t hesitate to come by yourself

Check out their venue and menu

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