August 19, 2016

I do hope that you have enjoyed the week and are looking forward to the weekend.

If there's anything new with you that you'd like to share, please get in touch with me.

Connecting the Community is still meeting over the summer - same time, same place - 9 am to 11 am, at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

Remember to bring your business cards and any other promotional materials.

Please consider buying your morning coffee at the Theatre.  And have a toonie (if not more) in your pocket for Hill House Hospice as well, please.

This weekend you may wish to support 2 of the active members of Connecting the Community:

- Peter Dennis has a Nordic Pole Walking clinic on Sunday
- Richmond Hill's MPP Reza Moridi has his Community BBQ this Sunday (there is a rain plan, just in case)

I am at my cottage this weekend, continually awed by nature - a loon in the morning mist.


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Marj Andre
416 822-5139

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