August 21, 2015

Hi there,

This is your weekly invitation to attend the Tuesday morning Connecting the Community - a time when people from any and all sectors of the community come together to find ways to collaborate and support each other.

If you can attend and there is something specific, or new with you, that you would like me to include in my introduction of you please hand me a note just before we begin.

Please remember to bring a stack of your business cards and maybe other promotional materials.

I would appreciate you buying a coffee or tea at the theatre.  This pays the wage of Byron who is assigned by the theatre to look after us.  And also, consider having some change to the collection for Hill House Hospice.

Last night we had a very good GOTE  (Going Out to Eat) - delicious food and very good conversations.  Mark your calendar for September 15th.  The location and registration should be sent out soon.

I hope you have a good weekend. In Town there is Caribbean North tonight and on Sunday Tastes of the Hill.  Click here for details for these and all of the 15 events listed for this weekend.



Marj Andre
416 822-5139

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