September 25, 2017

I wanted to make sure that you knew about Connecting the Community.

Connecting the Community (CTC) meets weekly on Tuesday mornings, usually at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

It is similar to networking. I believe a better term is 'cross sector collaboration'.  Those who attend are from all sectors of the community – community groups, social services,  business (from financial sector to alternative health practitioners), entrepreneurs, the arts, faith groups, education, environmental causes, the political realm; there are young people launching out, those transitioning, older adults looking to give back, and everything in between.

The meetings focus on collaboration and support.  Subsequent meetings, conversations and relationships evolve from the Tuesday morning gathering. This supportive attitude spills over to the community. Many good friendship have been fostered. At many events there is a Connecting the Community contigency.

At the meeting, people are seated around a large table and pass around information on events they are promoting.  I then introduce each person, emphasizing their community involvement. I am fortunate to be able to remember most peoples names! There is always a good amount of time for good conversations after my introductions.

There is no charge to attend but a container is passed around to make a donation for Hill House Hospice.  Over $22,000 has been collected.

CTC has also had a very successful Heart & Stroke Big Bike team.  Over $40,000 has been raised in the past 3 years!

More good things are to come!!

Interested?  Please email me with questions or to let me know that you are coming.



Marj Andre
Community Connector
416 822-5139

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