October 20, 2017

First, I want to wish everyone an enjoyable weekend.  Many of the active Connecting the Community people have been working hard to provide us with enjoyable and enriching experiences this weekend.

This Sunday we have so many great events:

Janine Purves and her team have organized Joy of Aging in the morning. She needs to be congratulated for raising over $250K for our local hospital. There are a couple of CTC tables.

Sunday afternoon please choose from:

In the evening The Secret Path: Walking Toward Reconciliation has just a few tickets left

Tomorrow morning I am going to ask you to consider attending the Community Pancake Breakfast at Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church.  Susan Johnston works so hard to put these breakfasts on. And I forgot to include it in the newsletter!!!! If you are attending can you do a Facebook posting? 

There's also many other events this weekend.  Click here .

So after this great weekend I hope to see you Tuesday morning to Connecting the Community.  Same time, same place - 9 to 11 at RHCPA.

If you invite someone to CTC, and I hope you do, please have them email me ahead of time.

Please remember your donation for Hill House Hospice and please buy your coffee/tea from Byron.



Marj Andre
Community Connector
416 822-5139

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