November 16, 2015


Just want to make sure that you know that it is the same time, same place for Connecting the Community tomorrow morning.

  • 9 am until 11 am
  • Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

Please bring your business cards and other promotional materials.

If there is something that I should know for my introduction of you please hand me a note before we begin.


  1. Connecting the Community's GOTE (Going Out to Eat). It's this Tuesday evening, 6:30 pm, at Amazing Thai, right across from the Theatre.  GOTE is a way to have good conversations beyond our Tuesday morning gatherings.
  2. Theatre outing on November 24th with silent auction and reception.  Cost is only $15 for theatre tickets.  We're seeing Wingfield on Ice, the universal tale of big city life versus rural culture.  Use promo code CTCWING.  These are for balcony seats and you cannot order on line.  Call 905 787-8811. Please show your support. All proceeds from the silent auction go to Hill House Hospice.
  3. Authors' Day at Connecting the Community Nov. 24th. We ask all authors to bring their books and have them on display for sale. This will be an opportunity to see what our local authors have created while doing some early shopping for the fast-approaching gift-giving season.  Please contact Peter Dennis for more info
  4. Celebration of November birthdays.  Since we started to acknowledge Raj Sethi's birthday when he turned 80, we decided we didn't want to leave others out so the last Tuesday of the month we recognize anyone who has had a birthday that month.  Jane Haque has been coordinating this, including keeping track of birth dates and finding a sponsor for the treats of the month.  She is looking for someone for next week.  Please email her if you can help out.

Hope to see you soon. Please keep in touch.


Marj Andre
416 822-5139

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