December 31, 2016

Quite a while back I made a request for donations of children's books to send to the British Virgin Islands. Early this year the shipment, of 4 barrels, approximately 1600 books, arrived.

My contact, Lynden Smith, and members of the BVI Reading Council made their rounds all over Tortola, and the other islands of Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke, and presented  "the very valuable gifts from their Friends in Richmond Hill."

A total of 17 institutions which included 2 preschools, a Special Education School, and a special area of the High School received books.

I have been fortunate to come to know Lynden Smith many years ago. Her husband, Harold, had looked after my late father-in-law’s sailboat.

Lynden founded the BVI Reading Council over 20 years ago.  Teacher Lynden, as she is known, has been an educator in the BVI since 1956 and has served the territory in a variety of roles, but perhaps her biggest commitment has been her advocacy of the promotion of literacy and reading in the BVI.

She has asked for help to make BVI a total literate community by continuing their ongoing programs (including Dads Reach Out and Read, and Books for Babies) and planning more interesting ideas that will motivate all to engage in literary activities. The shipment of books from Richmond Hill has assisted with her goal.  I would like to send more books.

The books should be suitable for children, for all ages, fiction and non-fiction.

Would you have some children's books that you'd like to donate to a good home?

They can be brought Tuesday morning to Connecting the Community or contact me to find another way to get them to me.

Thanks for bringing the joy of reading to another corner of our world.



Marj Andre
416 822-5139

P.S. There's a Book Drive for BVI Facebook page to update progress for this

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