October 15, 2010

Invitations to Toronto Mayoral Candidates
An effort to have Mr. Ford, Smitherman, & Pantalone join together to support Organ/Tissue donations

Location: Oakwood Collegiate Institute (St. Clair & Oakwood)
Date & Time: October 15, 2010 @ 7:15 pm

Before the debate starts at Oakwood Collegiate Institute on October 15, we at Step By Step and the debate organizers are arranging to have Toronto Mayoral candidates receive the famous Torch Of Life together.

A little bit about Step By Step
Step By Step is a charitable organization committed to address the organ & tissue shortage by empowering students to relay the Torch Of Life throughout the world. We began in 1997 in Toronto and our goal is to inspire half the world population in becoming organ/tissue donors by 2015. Step By Step is presently conducting its 8th campaign called SOS THE WORLD. We began the Student Torch relay in Alaska on October 2009, and the Torch was last carried in Washington DC. We will be resuming the relay in January 2011, and will continue having students carry it throughout 200 countries of the world.

A little bit about The Torch Of Life
The Torch was first lit up in Toronto by Mayor Mel Lastman on June 20 2000. It was in memory of Canada’s great Olympian Victor Davis, whose donated organs saved many. The Torch was then carried throughout 500 cities/towns in every part of Canada. On September 5 2001, Pope John Paul 2 asked George Marcello, (SBS’S founder) to bring the Torch to Vatican City. The Pope blessed the Torch and to the world said organ & tissue donations is a genuine act of love and encouraged us to have the kids carry the Torch and inspire the world. For the past 10 years, this wish is still being carried out.

A little bit about organ & tissue donations
Millions of people around the world have led healthy lives after receiving the gift of organ & tissue donations. One person can save up to 8 lives and restore over 50 others. Live donors can donate their liver & kidney. However, not enough people are signing up to be donors, not enough discussions are held with the family and society, therefore every minute of the day people are dying in wait of an organ. Toronto unfortunately has one of the lowest rates when compared to other cities. We can change this.

The famous Torch Of Life is about to make its way around the world. By having all 3 candidates join in a photo op will present an excellent opportunity to encourage all Torontonians to become donors. SBS’S Chairperson Constable Ojo Tewogbade from Toronto Police 13 Division & Vice Chairperson Clairmont Humphrey who donated a piece of his liver to save a 14 month baby girl will present the Torch, along with organizers of the debate.


Please contact George Marcello for further details

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